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The Select brand was established over 20 years ago by founder Stephen Leahy through the first branded company, Select Engineering Projects Ltd (SEP). SEP provided consultancy services for engineering orientated projects where the engineering solutions demanded the highest standard and took president over the Architecture form of the building. SEP historically has been active in Hi-tech sectors such as semiconductors, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, air traffic and data centres working with clients who recognised the need for engineering led solutions and attaining the highest standards available. Operating within these niche sectors providing design solutions for critical power and cooling installations, Select established a unique and valued knowledge base and began to increasingly work direct for a large number of blue chip clients to deliver these solutions.

The demand for SEP’s services expanded due to this unique engineering approach to delivery. Recognising this demand SEP expanded to provide a design led contracting service which allowed clients engage SEP for a turnkey solution that delivered the technical requirements for the required process whilst delivering the associated building work activities closely coordinated to meet the exacting standards of the project.  This proved to be a very successful offering highly valued by many clients.

The strong relationships developed on the back of the demonstrable ability to deliver led SEP to move from being a designer and builder to become an owner/operator of data centres. Select Data Centres now provide data centre space solutions to large international IT customers on a wholesale basis.

Through natural evolution the Select brand has expanded through a combination of organic and inorganic growth leading to the structuring of the business as a Group PLC, pulling together the complimentary engineering / energy orientated activities that each of the businesses provide and continue to seek opportunities for the future that are complimentary to the Group companies.

When Select make strategic acquisitions it always retains the existing management team and staff reinforcing their skills with its own management team and integrating the Select DNA.   This approach requires that we truly understand the fundamentals of each group company and the operational and competitive dynamics of its markets to underpin the strong brand value and services it provides.  In this way, as industries, sectors and opportunities change, Select is capable of assisting the management team with strategic planning and business growth drawing from its industry knowledge, previous experience and understanding of the all group company competencies.

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